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Together lets tackle climate change, one olive tree at a time!

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where sinking carbon takes on a whole new meaning

Today, levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are higher than they have been at any time in the past 400,000 years. CO2 is largely responsible for Climate Change and fortunately, there is an effective method of lowering CO2 levels: Sinking Carbon in farms.

Sinking carbon means that plants are taking carbon from the atmosphere, where it is in the form of CO2 (a greenhouse gas), and with help from the sun, transform the carbon dioxide into carbon, which is the main building block of life, while releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere.

What do plants do with the carbon? They use it to grow above ground into a larger tree, bare fruit, build their roots, and a good portion gets stored into the soil through their root systems. 

Modern agricultural practices are one of the biggest contributors to climate change, however if these practices were to change toward regenerative agricultural practices, it can become our biggest chance at reversing climate change. 


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This is where Olive Carbon comes in.

The olive tree is the most farmed tree on the planet, and some trees can reach up to 3000 years in age, and due to their geographic location, olive groves are on the front-line of climate change and are already experimenting with its effects.

Olive is one of the rare foods that is already carbon negative. For every litre of olive oil bought, an average of 10kg Net Carbon is removed from our atmosphere and stored in the grove!* And with just a simple switch to more sustainable practices, a litre of olive oil can help store up to 30kg!

There are currently no reward systems for farmers to access in order to be paid for this service to humanity.

Our technology uses Earth Observation to accurately measure carbon sequestration in land (above and below ground) of olive groves, season after season, year after year. 

We edit Blockchain certified Carbon Credits that are sold to companies willing to offset their own emissions.

The money goes to the farmers that get paid to fight climate change and gain a real incentive to sink even more carbon in their soils and enjoy all the additional environmental benefits.

Educational packages will be offered to registered olive grove with all the best practices to triple their carbon sinking.

* Average net removal including, production, shipping and distribution source: IOC

As we are steadily building the technology, we invite both farmers and companies to get in touch
with us to show interest and indicate any needs or queries.

By October, 2020 our website will be fully functional and we will start offering online registration for farmers and companies. In the meantime, you may contact us directly at:

Thank you – the Olive Carbon team.

Modern agriculture is arguably one of the biggest contributor to climate change, however it can also hold the biggest opportunity at reversing climate change.